Members We Serve

Through BatamIX, major ISP, content providers, cloud provider, and goverment or education/development no matter big or small networks together to efficiently exchange Internet traffic and provide mutual network access.

Secure Network

Protect your network from bgp hijacking, any route can be originated and announced by any random network

Save Money

Costs are reduced, network performance is increased and overall system robustness is enhanced.

Keep Local Traffic

Together maintaining and growing traffic keep to local, no need to have traffic go overseas only to comeback.


Enhanced business opportunities with other BatamIX members through the BatamIX marketplace.


Direct peering with traffic producers and consumers. Increased speed and capacity; improved jitter and packet loss.

Our Mission

Why pay premium prices to transit, when you can connect to an inordinate number of your fellow regional networks for a single flat monthly cost? stop pay per megabyte to get to your colleague just down the road.


To provide a robust, transparent and neutral peering platform to all its members to improve secure, network performance, increase resiliency, and reduce operational costs.