How To Connect?

Want to connect to the BatamIX? Here’s how ..

Membership Costs and Levels

BatamIX does not charge per port; Rather, you are initially given a single GigEthernet port, but if your needs are greater than that, you’re able to expand as necessary. We also allow LAGs if you need that more than.

Become Member BatamIX

  • Have Noc with 24x7 Hours
  • Have more knowledge about bgp,a good and friendly personality ;)
  • You are the person in charge of network / asn according to whois
  • You will respect all Members and Partners and use the BatamIX with care
  • BatamIX is free for everyone, no matter if small hobby AS or big ISP but this also means that it's financed by donations. We're happy to receive your donation :)
  • You should be able to get your network physically connected to the BatamIX in any way (this can be wired, wifi radio, or other networks, just not tunneled over the internet)

Steps for Connecting

  • Acknowledge all logistical and technical requirements below.
  • Please fill in the form at link Join Us.
  • Upon link up, BatamIX will issue a v4 & v6 allocation. (New member may be placed in a quarantine network segment for initial turn-up.)
  • Configure the required looking glass BGP sessions and optional route server sessions.
  • Start passing traffic! and happy peering

Technical Requirements

  • Participants must utilize an ASN (autonomous system number). Private or reserve ASN’s are not acceptable – as specified by RFC 1930 or RFC 6996.
  • A single source MAC address is allowed per a participant physical port or logical link aggregation grouping. Additional sourced MAC addresses are forbidden.
  • No broadcast traffic (such as CDP, LLDP, DHCP, STP) is allowed over the IX fabric, except IPv4 ARP and IPv6 neighbor discovery.
  • All participants are required to setup a BGP session with the BatamIX looking glass server. This service is utilized purely for debugging purposes; no traffic is exchanged over this peering session.
  • Our switches utilize a BPDUGuard mechanism that will shut down member ports if spanning tree BPDUs are sent towards us. If you are using a switch to connect to the exchange (which is not encouraged), please be sure to enable BPDU filter or a similar mechanism on your side.

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