How To Connect?

Want to connect to the BatamIX? Here’s how ..

Membership Costs and Levels

BatamIX offer free port 1Gig for content provider; Rather, you are initially given a single GigEthernet port, but if your needs are greater than that, you’re able to expand as necessary. We also allow LAGs if you need that more than.

Become Member BatamIX

  • Own Public Anynous System Number (ASN)
  • In addition to having an ip4 prefix you are required to have an ipv6 prefix as well
  • Have Noc with 24x7 Hours
  • Have more knowledge about bgp,a good and friendly personality ;)
  • Your ASN number from an email / domain associated with its whois record.
  • You will respect all Members and Partners and use the BatamIX with care
  • You should be able to get your network physically connected to the BatamIX in any way(this can be wired, wifi radio, or other networks, just not tunneled over the internet)

Steps for Connecting

  • Acknowledge all logistical and technical requirements.
  • Please fill in the form at link Join Us.
  • Upon link up, BatamIX will issue a v4 & v6 allocation. (New member may be placed in a quarantine network segment for initial turn-up.)
  • Configure the required looking glass BGP sessions and optional route server sessions.
  • Start passing traffic! and happy peering

Our Mission

Why pay premium prices to transit, when you can connect to an inordinate number of your fellow regional networks for a single flat monthly cost? stop pay per megabyte to get to your colleague just down the road.


To provide a robust, transparent and neutral peering platform to all its members to improve secure, network performance, increase resiliency, and reduce operational costs..