BatamIX BGP Communities

BGP Communities can be used to control various functions of the route server. With these communities, you can:

  • control the redistribution of advertised prefixes, based on an ASN or on geolocation
  • prepend your own ASN up to three times
  • trigger the calculation of a new alternate path (if available) for your advertised prefixes before you start commencing a maintenance

Please note that if the $PEER-AS is a four byte AS number you have to use the Large Communities.

Don't announce to specific members

By default, you got reanounced to every members.If you don't want that, you can combine community below to do more specific thingsThis only can be used for device support large communities.

Large Communities41239:0:$PEER-AS
Standard Communities 0:$PEER-AS

Other IXP Communities

BatamIX carries a number of ixp prefixes in Indonesia, for now there are openixp and iix prefixes, each ixp is tag by the Communities, you can filter the ixp tag according to your network needs, can be seen below:

Standard CommunitiesLarge Communities
Import from Openixp 41239:7717 41239:1:7717
Import from IIX 41239:759741239:1:7597
Don't announce to OpenIXP41239:20141239:0:201
Don't announce to IIX41239:20241239:0:202


Blackholing is typically used to fight massive DDoS attacks which congest the physical connection between BatamIX and a Member Router.

Besides signaling a blackhole via direct peering, you can signal blackholes via the route servers at all BatamIX exchanges

Large Communities 41239:212:212
Standart Communities 41239:212

To be fully compatible, you need to follow those rules:

  • Accept up to /32 IPv4 or /128 IPv6
  • Send us your blackhole route with this community
  • Have this route included into your subnet (irrdb filtered)
  • Blackhole on your side any route received with that community

Our Mission

Why pay premium prices to transit, when you can connect to an inordinate number of your fellow regional networks for a single flat monthly cost? stop pay per megabyte to get to your colleague just down the road.


To provide a robust, transparent and neutral peering platform to all its members to improve secure, network performance, increase resiliency, and reduce operational costs..