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Through BatamIX, major ISP, content providers, cloud provider, and goverment or education/development no matter big or small networks together to efficiently exchange Internet traffic and provide mutual network access.

Checklist Become To BatamIX Member

Peering Session

  • Select the location where you want to X-connect
  • Ports available are 1 GE, 10 GE and 40 GGE
  • Ports other than 1GE will be use SFP-SR interfaces

Your Detail

  • Make sure your asn has completed is registered with peeringdb
  • You will need as-set if you have more asn
  • Make sure your email can be used
  • The email you registered is the same as the email on your whois asn
  • Your phone number for technical issue or etc

All information you provide, such as e-mail addresses and mobile phone, will not be provided to any party*

Peering Session
Your Detail

Our Mission

Why pay premium prices to transit, when you can connect to an inordinate number of your fellow regional networks for a single flat monthly cost? stop pay per megabyte to get to your colleague just down the road.


To provide a robust, transparent and neutral peering platform to all its members to improve secure, network performance, increase resiliency, and reduce operational costs..